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My Babies Love The Lord

I try my best to make sure that my babies know and love the Lord. We go to church together. We watch children movies that explain Jesus' life and death. We read their Bibles together. Reign reads their Bibles to them. I make an honest attempt to answer any and all questions they have about God and Jesus. I try to make sure they are very aware of their actions and how Jesus wouldn't do certain things so they shouldn't. I don't know maybe I reference God and Jesus too often to them because they've gotten a great amount of love and admiration for them both. So much to the point that they discuss them amongst themselves. One day Reiganna said "Mommy I miss God and Jesus and I love God and Barack Obama and Jesus and all the guys up in Heaven. My grandma too.". She brings me such joy. Sometimes her thoughts amaze me since she's just 3. Another day she asked Reigan "How come Jesus died?" Reigan said "Because bad people put him on the cross. But He's coming back down." Reiganna says "Yeah bad people right? Jesus is coming back yay!" Then they turned their joy into a song "Jesus and God are watching us forever! So I know that everything will be okay." They titled the song Jesus and God Love Us. Am I going too hard with my teachings or is this normal behavior? Either way I pray that they all continue to embrace what they've learned and live a good life built upon morals and the utmost respect for themselves and others.

What is appropriate dressing and what should determine it?

Being a wife, significant other, mother, daughter or business professional, do you
take heed or should I ask do you have pride in how you dress?

My question isn’t focused on “bedazzling or spicing up” your daily attire. It’s focused on what you choose to wear on a day to day basis. For example, are you reaching for jeans that are cut so low that your bottom hangs out, tops that are so open that your chest is all over the place or dresses that are so darn short that your------well, you get where I’m going right?

Is there a point in our lives where we need to “dress our age? LOL, whatever that means. I’ve seen SEVERAL magazines that feature so called “appropriate looks” while you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on. And to be quite honest, me, being a size 8 (striving for size 6) 35 year old wife and mother of 3 (yes, I put myself on blast) have always been able to pick and choose something I would wear from EACH age group! *Give it Up ladies, don’t act like you’ve NEVER ran into Charlotte Russe for a quick going out top!

In any event, I don’t know the answers, but I do have very strong opinions. However before I reveal my opinions, I’d like to pose the question: Should what you wear be a reflection of your age, body type or status (in a relationship, married, children etc)? Additionally, I’ve attached some pictures of some Celebrity Moms for your review and to hopefully get your mind working.

I’d love to get your feedback and also some answers to the posed question. Please email me directly at

I have an opinion,

Baby It's Too Hot, No It's Too Damn Cold

So it really bothers me when I fall asleep in bed comfortable w/ the air at a cool 6(which is still too cool for me but I like to think I compromise since 71 and auto is where I like the temperature) and then I wake up with my extremities frozen and my nose running. Because good old Eddy comes and sneaks into the room after I'm sleeping or in the bathroom and effs with the air conditioner no matter what season we are in. In 30 degree weather he needs the bedroom, hell any room he's in, at a freezing 60-58.5 degrees and blowing on high! WTDTA? Seriously this isn't normal. Some nights I just leave the room because I can't take it and it's just not fair. Or if I happen to wake up I sneak over to the unit and fix it. It's certainly an ongoing issue for us. I recently bought him a chillow (women going through menopause use them to combat hot flashes) he loves it yet the room is still on ice when I wake up. Where is his compromise in doing that mess? You can't see it but I'm getting heated just writing about this. I know life isn't fair but damn where is my creative control?

Sailing Anyone?

Anyone ready to go sailing? That seems to be on the designers minds these days with all the nautical looks. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of heading to the Hamptons to ride around on a yacht, dressed cute sailor pants, a fun hat and a striped shirt. My only concern out of that outfit is the striped shirt. Actually, striped anything causes me to get antsy. I'm a broad woman, so the wrong striped ANYTHING can go completely wrong or completely right. My advice to myself and to you if you have any concerns: go for thin stripes or diagonal strips!

Check out for the awesome universal striped pieces. My favorites are the Sleeveless Striped Vest and the Sleeveless Striped Sheath.

Nicole Miller,, also came out with some awesome striped dresses that I personally feel can compliment many. I took a walk on the wild side with the Urban Renewal Blouson dress she has out now! She proves with this piece that stripes do not have to be boring. you must look at and consider the following:

CLOTHES (real), Salon Z Abstract stripe cardi
BCBG, Stripe silk tank
Soft Joie Sheer stripe top
Theory, Stripe cotton tunic

Happy Sailing,

What Career I'm a Mom

So many thoughts come around when you look back on your life and realize that all of your dreams of success haven't been attained. I mean sure I've made some accomplishments but not nearly as many as I'd have liked to. I was the 1st in my family to graduate college in June of 2001, I'm raising my sister and have been since July 23rd of 2001, I've birthed 3 beautifully smart children and have my final on the way, I'm married and raising my husbands 4 year old son which is so stressful on us but I guess you do things for love and I recently wrote a children's book dealing with my own personal issues on a grander scale. Yet with all of that I still feel so far behind my time. Sure I could go back to school and get my masters but then what? Or I could test drive some internships to gain some hands on experience and try to discover my inner passions but then what? Hell I could continue to write books but my fear of success and being forced to leave my kids is just far too much for me to accept right now. So I remain stagnant and my hopes and dreams are just that. I've been a stay at home mom for 7 years! Ouch!!! I'm so attached to my kids and they to me that just the thought of not being with them daily makes me feel guilty. When their dad and I would take trips alone I'd be on an island some where crying because I felt bad that they were home crying because I wasn't there. Even though they absolutely drive me nuts most days I'd feel like I would be doing them such a disservice if I made attempts at a career or even a life outside of my family. I guess the truth is if I didn't have a husband able to care for us I'd be beating the pavement and working hard but since I do in some ways it just seems like a waste of time. If this marriage doesn't work out I'm sure I'll find out what it is to work and raise my babies. You only live once so holding back isn't necessary yet I can't seem to muster up the courage to do the things that rest on my heart. Help! I need a career that doesn't require my absence from my babies much outside of their school hours. Any suggestions?

I'd Wear That!

Who says you have to be thin to dress in fashion forward attire? We all have our excuses for why we don't wear this or can't buy that and sad to say they often revolve around our personal body images. I know I'm guilty of it!

In any event I decided to go against the norm. Instead on clicking on sites that cater to women from sizes 0-10 AND giving myself a headache trying to figure out if I'll look good in the dress being modeled by a size 4 model----I decided to go another route! I looked up pieces on plus size websites and/or in department stores to find pieces that I'd wear (as a size 8). Check out below to see what I discovered!

Trendy plus size sites

My Last Child Is On His Way

Pregnancy is tough emotionally, physically and mentally on me. I wish I could enjoy this time like the women on TV do but I can't, hell I don't. I'm having my fourth child 3 months from now and I'm going crazy! A lot of days I just feel so unattractive, so unhappy. I've birthed three 9 pound babies and I'm far from a big woman. My 5 foot 1 1/2 inch frame has been beat up by these children. I was almost 130 pounds before I got pregnant and I'm 150 already. I forgot how painful my 3rd child was on my body, mind and heart. When we decided #4 I didn't think back long or hard enough. I'm in pain daily! My pelvic bones have been damaged by the weight of the other 3 and I feel broken inside. I can't even walk around the grocery store without wanting to cry, can't enter or exit the bed without pain this mess sucks! I'm going to a maternity chiropractor Monday with hopes of being fixed. It's supposed to ease my pain and make my delivery easier and faster. Pray for me people. I considered having a c-section this time just to avoid breaking another of my children's collar bones but I'm afraid to get cut. My mid-wife has suggested I get induced two weeks early so my baby is smaller so that's what I may do. I'd love to get my tubes tied but I'm so afraid of that pain but God willing I will more then likely do it. Mostly because I never want to feel this kind of pain again, ever. My children are most definitely beautiful blessings but I need do other things with my life.

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